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Top visiting places of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is also known as the Golden City of Rajasthan and India. Here all the houses, temples including fort are mde of yellow sandstone. This city was established by the Rao Jasal in 1156 AD. Jaisalmer is situated near the far western Indo-Pak border of Rajasthan. Despite this, it is one of the main tourism centres of Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer has wrapped many stories and tales of valor, ferociousness,citizens of the ancient and medieval era, and many folk lores which are sufficient to attract the visitors to this city. It is believed that the tourist center of Jaisalmer city can be covered in between 3-5 days, so it becomes much affordable to visit here.

The tourism season of this city is from November to March. Due to look at the border and desert area, the winter climate is the better one for visiting Jaisalmer. If you are going to visit Jaisalmer, then the following locations would be suitable for you to visit.Let’s discuss them briefly –

Jaisalmer Fort –

Jaisalmer Fort is one of the largest forts in the whole world. The tour of Jaisalmer is incomplete without visiting its fort. It is also known as Golden Fort of Rajasthan, because of its consruction with yellow sandstone. It is located on the Tirukut Mountain. In night, the golden lure of this fort is watchable by everyone. This fort was made in the reign of Rao Jasal.

This fort is the abode of many other monuments like – Laxminath shrine, Raj Mahal, Ornate jain temples, and havelis. The walls of this fort is about 30 feets high and 250 feet tall. This fort is one of the most magnificient and royal forts of Rajasthan not only of its architecture but also its amazing history of wars. You can see the amazing work of rosewood on the gate of the fort.

Gadisar Lake –

Gadisar Lake is the most beautiful place for spending some quiet time. This lake is situated at the outskirts of the city and it was made for the irrigation and agricultural purposes by the King Rao Jasal in the medieval period. This lake is much viewable at the time of sunset and sunrise.

Besides the agricultural use, you can’t forget to enjoy the boating or roaming around the lake. This lake is also the abode of the migratory birds especially in winter. If you are visiting Jaisalmer fort, this is not much far away from it. This lake is also working as a reservoir of rain water for many centuries since its inception.

Jain Temples of Jaisalmer –  

The ornate Jain Temples has been an enormous attraction centre for the tourists and historians as well. Situated in the fort, these 7 temples are made from the yellow sandstone. These temples are related to JainTirthankaras like –  Rishabdev, Sambhavnath, Chandraprabhu, Parsvanath. These temples are made with the “Dilwada Style”.

If you are interested in history and architecture, then these Jaisalmer Jain Temples are much visitable for you. To read about the history of these temples, here a 15th century library named “Gyan Bhandar” is present to make you read your favorite stuff. On the walls of these jain temples, you can see the beautiful images of gods and goddesses.

Nathmal Ji ki Haveli –

Nathmalji ki haveli is one of the most beautiful and visitable havelies in Jaisalmer. It is famous for its unique architecture which is the fusion of islamic and rajasthani style. The whole interior is facilitated with the beautiful paintings of kings and their spouses, garden,gods and goddesses and from the outer side, beautiful carving work is there to attract you at once.

This havelis was made by two muslim brothers who were jewellers by their profession. You can visit this haveli without purchasing any ticket for 1-2 hours and it is opened for all days in a week. You can also take the picture of this beautiful haveli for a beautiful memory.

Kuldhara Village –    

If you visit Jaisalmer, there is no reason to leave Kuldhara village without visiting. This spooky village is very famous for its haunted legends and myths of a tyrannical minister by which this place was considered unpious for human inhabitation. This village is 20 kilometers away from Jaisalmer city.

Today Rajasthan government, some private organizations, and NGOs are establishing cafes, lodges, hotels, guest houses and restaurants for visitors to stay. Before getting abandoned for settlement, this was a prosperous land of Paliwal Brahmins.

Sam Sand Dunes –

The sand dunes of Sam are the true sand dunes of the whole India.This place is about 40-45 km from Jaisalmer. The month of October and March are the most appropriate for visiting Sam Sand Dunes. Here you can also stay in the desert camps spread around 2-3 km area of this place.

The musical programs in the beautiful airy scenario of these sand dunes are much recommended for you to attend. Here 40-60 meter tall sand dunes are present. You can also use jeep or camels to visit in these sand dunes.

Tazia Tower and Badal Palace –

Tazia tower is usually different from the traditional rajasthani structures. It was definitely made for the royal family by the muslim craftsmen. Badal Palace has a cloud alike appeareance and having Tazia Tower on it. This 5-storey building has balcony attached to it in every single storey having Islamic touch.

Badal Palace is situated near the Amar Sagar gate. It is the present house of the royal family. Around its walls, a visitor can see the beautiful carving work done in the form of different characters. This place is the beautiful living sample of ancient muslim architecture.

Ramdevra Temple –

It is situated about 12 km distant from Pokran and has originated in fifteen century. This temple is famous for the folk lord Baba Ramdev who took samadhi on this place. It was made by the King Ganga Singh belonging from Bikaner.

In August- September, there is a popular fair organized here in which devotees come here for the darshan of Baba Ramdevji. This folk deity is equally popular in Hindus and Muslims. He is also known as “Ramsa Peer”. Near the temple, there is a tank named Ramsarovar which was made by the Baba Ramdevji himself. It is also the main centre point for the visitors and tourists.

Salim Singh Ji Haveli –

Salim Singh Ki Haveli is mostly known for its beautiful architecture and splendour. This multi-storied building has 38 balconies and and also has a peacock shaped roof. To enter in this tourism attraction centre, one has to take tickets. For doing photography or videography, extra charges are payable.  It was made by the minister Salim Singh who wanted to make it as high as the fort of Jaisalmer.

Tanot Mata Temple –

If you are visiting beautiful Thar Desert or the border area surrounding Jaisalmer, then your tour is incomplete without visiting this ancient temple. It is known for its legends and different myths. One legend is about the automatic defusion of bombs which were thrown here in the Indo-Pak war of 1971.

Within the premises of this temple, another Vijay Stumbh is made in the memory of the victory of India over Pakistan. On every year at 16 December, the celebration is organized. This temple is situated in Tanot village of Jaisalmer District.

Shantinath Temple –

This temple was made in sixteenth century. In it, the beautiful and adorable idol of Shantinathji is situated who was a Jain Hermit. It is situated near to the Jaisalmer fort, so it makes easy for visitors to reach here. This temple is made in the Dilwara style.

This is a very good place not only for the travelers but also for historians. Every year, many tourists belonging from Jain traditions come here for the pray. There are many local textile and handloom shops which sell their products at a very affordable price.

Conclusion –

Jaisalmer is the main tourist center of Rajasthan. Despite of situated near the western border of India, it has been successful in attracting the visitors from national and international level. The only reason is the architecture, havelis, hilly fort, camel safari in deserts, and temples. Hope so that Jaisalmer will always maintain its place in the most visited cities of Rajasthan like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Udaipur.







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