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Stayvillajunction Webinar on Hospitality Industry Post Covid -19

Hello everyone I, Sandeep Mangal, CEO of Stayvillajunction is happy to invite you to the our Webinar Series for Hospitality Industry.   We have Mr Udayan Deshpande owner of Homeawaits.in and Mr Sajal Banerjee Owner of 256 Cinematrix.


Tourism industry in India is very important contributor in Indian Economy. It generates more than 40 million jobs, which is total of 8% total employment opportunities in India. Additionally, it provides more than 10% contribution in Indian Economy. But the entrance of COVID-19 virus has affected severely like many other economic sectors.

During the course of lockdown situation to stay away from the COVID-19 virus, more than 14 crore people have lost their employment and more than 3000 people have been reported as dead. India’s tourism sector has been declared to have loss of worth INR 10 lac crores. Now the question arises that what will be the future of Indian travel & hospitality sector?

To get the answer of this question and to get the future expectations of travel and hospitality sector, Stayvillajunction sponsored a webinar with the help of two wonderful speakers and experts of their respective sectors – Udayan Deshpande and Sajal Bannerjee. This blog post is a summarised form of the ideas presented and discussed by both of these individuals.

Introducing Mr. Udayan Deshpande –

Mr. Udayan Deshpande is an Airbnb specialist who is also the owner of homeawaits.in. He started his own construction and hospitality venture in 2016. He started with only one property, having 3 properties in 2017 and 10 in 2019. Since the starting of 2020, he started to provide mentoring the owners/hosts of the hotels and resorts in hospitality industry.

Insights from Mr. Udayan Deshpande –

Let’s first discuss the ideas briefly discussed by Mr. Udayan Deshpande.

In the beginning, Mr. Deshpande revealed the fact that there is no need to worry about the future of Hospitality industry. He also emphasised that the tourism and hospitality sector will revive soon just after the end of lockdown in India. He also discussed about the opening of many tourism destinations at Wuhan in China, people started visiting these destinations with their families soon after reviving from lockdown.

Mr. Deshpande also specified the fact that there is no need t change the business for business entrepreneurs dealing in hotel, homestay or hospitality industry. They need to be as much optimistic as possible and adapt some changes by coping up with the situations of lockdown in terms of occupancy and expenses.

Further, Udayan also attracted the concentration of the attendees that hospitality industry should adopt the slogan of “Vocal for Local” given by the Prime Minister of India just before implementing lockdown 4.0. That simple means that businesses should pay attention towards Local Tourism instead of international tourism for now by taking help of –

  • Local culture,
  • Local food,
  • Local brands,
  • Local heritage.

Addressing further to the attendees at the most important points of this webinar for about one hour, Mr. Deshpande also emphasised that by staying at the home for surviving the crisis of COVID-19 is not the biggest problem for businesses. The problem starts when if the Government soon declares the end of lockdown then how hospitality entrepreneurs are going to proceed with their current hotel or homestay business?

To find the answer of this question, Mr. Deshpande asked the attendees to focus on the point that businesses have four kind of stakeholders. Like –

  • You – The business owner
  • Your employees – customer support, housekeeping, cleaning, caterer and others.
  • Your vendors – ice cream guys, café guys, laundry and dry-cleaning guys etc.
  • Your guests – Domestic and International tourists in your hotel or homestay.

Further in the presentation, Udayan also emphasized on the following factors like –

Hygiene Factor –    

Udayan specially focused on the fact that the tourists will focus more on the hygiene factor of the hotel or homestay rather than the cost of the property. So in this case, if a hotel or homestay is adopting the best hygiene standards in terms of cleaning and other aspects, they can increase up to 20-40% of their cost for the guests.

Low Occupancy –

Mr. Deshpande also focused on the point that this is a good news for the hospitality sector of India that the pricing war would be end between the hotels and homestays because of the increasing importance of hygiene factors. He also appealed the businesses and the customers that there should be regular communication between them about the low occupancy. Customers should choose those hotels or homestays where occupancy level is low.

Less crowd with more revenue possibilities –

In this webinar, both Udayan and Sajal also emphasised on the act of attracting local tourists instead of international tourists. Udayan appealed the business owners to attract the attention on the targeted audience of metro cities from Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, because of having the high spending power for more revenue. Of course, this thing can reveal the more revenue opportunities for hotels and homestays in spite of low tourism and less crowd.

Managing remotely to business –

Mr Deshpande said very importantly in this point, that hospitality business owners should focus on managing their businesses by automation rather than going on the property again and again. For this, the regular training of the employees and customer support staff is regularly necessary. Hotels, resorts and homestays should opt automatic ways to book their customers via their portal by registration and taking their ID proof and other necessary information.

He also demonstrated that how by adopting the electrical cleaning products irobots.in Roomba and subscribe and save facilities of amazon.in, these hospitality businesses can fulfil their regular inventory needs and they would have the need for the less communication between the customers and staff to have more safety.

Focus on repeat customers –  

Generally hotels and business owners focus on having more and more new customers especially from metro cities or international audience. But during the less tourism opportunities, businesses should focus on having more repeat customers. For this hospitality business owners should focus on the following things –

  • Like your Facebook page and join you on other social media
  • Set emailers on a regular basis
  • Give them discount coupons
  • Wishing their birthday by personalised mails
  • Telling about new services and updates in the mail newsletters.


Introducing Mr. Sajal bannerjee –

Sajal Bannerjee is a Producer, Director, and Filmmaker. He has also been the editor at Royal Challengers Bangalore and worked as consulting editor at Castrol Cricket. Currently he is the founder and director of 256-Cinematrix. 256-Cinematrix offers the following products or services: Advertising – Television, Digital Advertising, Media Production and Non-Profit Organization Management.

Insights from Mr. Sajal Bannerjee –

Sajal announced the attendees of this webinar at first that the international tourism will definitely take time to revive because of the deadly situation of COVID-19. Tourism industry of India is currently at the risk by losing the market share of 10 billion dollar this year alone. Sajal basically talks in which way businesses should promote their tourism business to their local audience by using digital media channels.

Firstly he emphasised to take the help of videos as their primary communication channel. In this technique, he also focused on to make the micro-videos which would be solely related to products and services and other regular updates of the hotels and homestay businesses. He said that there should be not much length of these videos for more than 20-30 seconds.

Further in the last part he also told about the case study of homestays in Kerala that how they provided quarantine facilities to the deceased patients of COVID-19 on the fixed price paid by Kerala Government to them. This facilities should also be welcomed by the hotels and homestay owners in  other cities of India including our city of Jodhpur.

At last, Mr. Bannerjee also emphasized on the fact that there is much need for taking the fast but smart decisions by the hotels and homestays owners of Jodhpur and other small cities which should be very helpful in the crisis time of COVD-19 and lockdown situations.

To look this webinar attentively, you can also watch the given video. Hope, it would be very much helpful for you and your hospitality business.


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